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"The GIFTABILITY One Mile Challenge" 
Are you ready to complete the "GIFTABILITY One Mile Challenge"? By joining this challenge, you can help us make a real difference in the lives of children with disabilities.
So what are you waiting for? Let's get moving and make a positive impact together! To participate, simply follow these steps:
1. Donate $10 to GIFTABILITY to support our programs and services for children with disabilities.
2. Get out and move your body one mile in any way you want. You can walk, run, skip, crawl, blade, skate, stroll, bike, or roll; It doesn't matter how you do it as long as you do it.
3. Post a photo or video of yourself doing the mile on social media, tag @giftabilityinc, and use the hashtag #giftabilitychallenge.
4. Challenge at least five people to join the challenge and support this fantastic cause. Please send them the link and let them know they have been challenged.
Have fun, get creative, and enjoy the fact that you are making a massive impact in the life of a child with a disability by taking part in this challenge. Thank you.
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